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Saturday, April 7, 2018

We Interrupt This Blog...

Please buy this book so April, who is too lazy to start her own blog, apparently, will stop begging to hijack mine in her shameless attempt to shill her wares. It's not enough that I've linked her book over in the right-hand column, claiming territory that I could use for "fun" things.

Honestly, it's a good book, but come on...

Now April (the web-hapless author) has somehow managed to create her own Spotify playlist for the book. I admit, listening to the songs brought the story back to me in all its stark intensity. Still...

I got this email from April:


Do you mind including my Spotify playlist on your blog? I worked on this a long time, and it wasn't easy, because Splotify isn't user friendly.

I promise I'll start my own blog soon and I'll include any stupid stuff you write. What do you use? Wordpress or whatever it's called?

You are awesome!

How could I resist? I am, after all, awesome.

My job is done...

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