Monday, January 6, 2020

I Need A Job

I'm a good writer ~ ask anybody. If you want a bulleted list, I can whip one up. Everyone loves bullet points.

Don't let the fact that no one subscribes to my blog deter you from hiring me. Blogs are hard to find and a niche product. I can't only write about music ~ give me a topic and I'll vomit out five hundred words, easy. Good words.

The thing is, I'm soon going to have a lot of time on my hands and I could use the extra income. I'm not looking to commute and I own a computer, so I'm your gal! I'm attuned to politics and mass entertainment; and if you're looking for a take on everyday life, trust me, I'm living it now.

I could do a Google search for free-lance opportunities, and I will; but if you happen to be reading this and are looking for someone who'll work cheap, check out my samples. I have very few demands ~ a nice hot cup of dark roast in the morning; maybe a sugared doughnut every week or so.

I do tend to ramble on my blog, but that's because I'm working for free. I really can be disciplined ~ just ask my boss. And it's not that a music video is de riguer, but this is a music blog after all.

My most recent post shows me off at my best and most engaged.

One of my past rants.

Oh, and I'm easy to work with. I'm not needy. I'm, in fact, your dream employee.

That's my hard sell. Ring me up (or, I guess, just leave a comment, because I'm not dumb enough to include my phone number here.)

Thank you for reading. I await your call (comment).

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