Tuesday, March 14, 2023

I Rarely Promote, But Look At This!


(click on the album cover to hear our music)

I'm not just a blogger. Or a self-published author. Oh, no. I have a whole other career as a songwriter and singer. I don't promote our band on this blog, other than links (over there in the right margin) to our Spotify music and to our YouTube videos. The truth is, I'm a terrible self-promoter. I have no links in my Twitter bio (none, nada, zero). I've considered it, but people on Twitter can be a**holes and my psyche doesn't need the abuse. I've paid for exactly one ad ($20.00) for exactly one of my novellas, and I honestly don't know if it made one iota of a difference in sales. We have an online music magazine (again, check over there on the right), but with no one (meaning me) pushing it, it's gotten no hits that I know of.

But I can't help but brag a little today. I was bored, looking for an album to stream on Spotify, when I spotted our album, "Life Is A Dream" in my library. Trust me, we're used to getting zero plays. It doesn't even hurt my feelings anymore. We're an indie band, among millions of indie bands, and who wants to take a chance on some unknown gaggle of hobos? I personally wouldn't. Just sayin'. 

Granted, I like our songs, well, because I wrote about half of them, but also because I watched them being birthed by my husband-producer. And frankly, they're good.

Nonetheless, I've heard them too many times. It's like re-reading one of my fiction works, which I am forced to do countless times during the editing process. I get to the point where, yes, I can still appreciate the lines and the flow, but I want to fling myself off a bridge if I have to read it one more time. And I think, nobody's going to like it ~ it's tired; it's predictable ~ as if they, too, had read it a thousand times before.

So I wasn't paying attention to the screen when I pulled up our album, but when I happened to glance again, I saw something strange. 

My song, "Ghost Town" currently has 5,299 plays! And another of mine, "Prayed For It To Rain", has 4,553! How is that even possible? We should be rich! 😉 Sadly, we're just as poor as we were yesterday. What's weirder is that the other fourteen songs on the album have zero plays, even though my husband's tracks are better. Maybe Spotify listeners are searching out female vocalists, although my other six songs (including my favorite) are apparent duds, too. 

But, hey! Why dwell on the bad news?

I admit to being flabbergasted. Maybe if I refresh my screen, I'll find that it was all a mirage. 

But today I feel kind of good.


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