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Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Rather Hard to Describe

As my husband does more and more original stuff, it challenges me, as the designated videographer, to broaden my horizons.

I find that I'm bored with the mundane. Aren't you?

Maybe that's why I hate new country music so much. It's so boring, so predictable. Everybody is afraid to do anything against the grain. "Ooh, if it doesn't sound like what Kenny Chesney/Keith Urban/whoever the heck is popular now, is putting out there, then I'm doomed. DOOMED!"

But enough about what they call "country music". This is a rock song, and a concept, if you will.

I find it interesting, and challenging, to get inside someone else's head and come up with something suitable.

As someone who relies upon pre-presented photos and little animated GIFs that I find here and there, my resources are limited. I work with what I have, and that's sort of the fun of it.

So, herewith, is "A Black Horse":

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Song #2 For My Concept Album

Oh, you thought I was going to wait six months, didn't you?

Ha HA! Not so fast! Just because I said I was only going to write a song every six months doesn't mean that I was going to stick by that.

Silly you and me!

I wrote song #2 tonight for my concept album, which I have tentatively decided to call, "The Gray and the Blue". Although I am going to be dying my hair soon, so the "gray" stuff will be moot.

I was thinking; the whole "old" topic can't necessarily be a downer. There must be something good about getting older, right?

So, I searched and searched my brain, trying to come up with something upbeat. And I think I did it; at least tonight. Tomorrow, it might look pathetic. But, in my view, tomorrows are things one needs to deal with tomorrow.

So, I wrote song #2 tonight. It's called, "My Front Porch".

The lyrics are thus:

Did you ever see
Clouds alabaster white
Sit down with me
In my front porch sunlight

Pretty new wildflowers
Catchin’ the morning breeze
Well, did you see
Just come here sit with me

So many years
I rushed on by them
Restless thoughts and tears
High-heeled shoes and sleepless nights
And silly useless fears

Sit right here, I’ll fix you a cool
Summer drink
Maybe a pillow
Rest your head, don’t think

Feel the sun warm your face
And fill your eyes
Life is funny
If you miss it, it’ll pass by

So worried ‘bout things
That seemed to matter
My eyes were mostly closed
Every day, I kept getting sadder
And I didn’t know

It’s so much nicer
Here in the amber moonlight
It’s such a good world
On my front porch tonight

© Michelle Anderson 09-02-11

Hey, they all can't be Simon & Garfunkel-like material. I work with the tools that I have. Which consists of my brain and my not-so-nimble fingers, which really are aching right now, because I don't really strum my guitar that often; only when absolutely necessary.

And frankly, it's late, and I need to go to bed. I don't even know what I'm typing right now. So, if you like it, cool! If you think it's lame, well, you're most likely right.

I guess I will find out tomorrow.

And now I go sleepy time. Thank you for your continuing support of the elderly.