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Saturday, December 21, 2013


I finally know now what the Target logo stands for. And the bullseye's on all of us.

Target is a home-grown Minnesota corporation, so I guess that means I'm supposed to pat them on their proverbial head and say, "there there, it's okay".

Well, it's not okay..

I at least have the option of not going near with a ten-foot pole, since I have insurance through my employer. And yes, I suppose I have the option of not shopping at Target, but it would have been nice of them to let me know what I was in for before my debit card number was potentially stolen.

I can understand the government not building security into its websites. After all, it's the government. Haplessness is their calling card. But a multimillion-dollar corporation?

Most galling to me is Target's lack of communication. My friend has received two email updates from them to date. I have received none. I guess my financial well-being is not as important as others'. I've heard through the grapevine (obviously not from Target) that free credit monitoring will be offered. I wonder if only those who are fortunate enough to be on Target's "good list" will be receiving that.

In Target's defense, the company decided to offer 10% off all purchases today and tomorrow. Now that's some good free advertising right there! They didn't even need to purchase advertising time for that! It's called a "news story". I'm surprised the "news story" didn't also list the low low prices on big-screen TV's and breakfast sandwich makers.

Ah, but what would Christmas be without anger?

Thanks, Target, for upholding that holiday tradition.