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Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Rather Hard to Describe

As my husband does more and more original stuff, it challenges me, as the designated videographer, to broaden my horizons.

I find that I'm bored with the mundane. Aren't you?

Maybe that's why I hate new country music so much. It's so boring, so predictable. Everybody is afraid to do anything against the grain. "Ooh, if it doesn't sound like what Kenny Chesney/Keith Urban/whoever the heck is popular now, is putting out there, then I'm doomed. DOOMED!"

But enough about what they call "country music". This is a rock song, and a concept, if you will.

I find it interesting, and challenging, to get inside someone else's head and come up with something suitable.

As someone who relies upon pre-presented photos and little animated GIFs that I find here and there, my resources are limited. I work with what I have, and that's sort of the fun of it.

So, herewith, is "A Black Horse":

Thursday, March 24, 2011


No, silly, I'm not saying "goodbye" to my blog! Heavens! What would I do with all my pent-up thoughts and crankiness?

No, "Goodbye" just happens to be the latest Red River video.

I really like this one, because:

a) I really like the song;
b) Cats playing the piano make me laugh.

Don't ask my how or why I ended up incorporating piano-playing cats in this video. I think it was divinely ordained. Either that, or my cat, Bob, was sending me subliminal messages, as he pawed me at 4:30 in the morning, trying to awaken me so I could feed him.

Oh, it's not all about food with Bob. Bob is also a music lover. But he tends to prefer those tinkly piano songs; not really my taste, but that's just Bob. He's a jazz cat.

But enough about Bob. I hope you enjoy the video of "Goodbye", and if not, I hope at least that you like the song, because it's one of my favorites.