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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Too Much!

This social media thing has gotten out of hand. 

Here are the things I like to do online:

  • Waste time playing games while I'm...thinking (sure)
  • READ STUFF - such as news articles and writing/author forums
  • Look up things I'm curious about (Thanks, Google!)

That's about it. 

Things that are a waste of time online:

Pinterest - What's the deal with that? Sure, I joined. I was curious. I created a few "boards", slapped some pictures in them, and now what? Go back and admire them? I really don't get the point. I deduce that a lot of people like to collect decorating ideas or fashion ideas. Here's an idea - use your imagination!

Linkedin - I'm not looking for a job. I don't have a need to "network". I barely talk to the people I work with now (kidding - sort of). Who cares about my list of "skills"? I don't even care. And stop sending me emails about people who want to "connect with me"! What for? 

Twitter - Well, Twitter is just #stupid. Yes, I have a Twitter account. How often do I tweet? Pretty much never. I am perhaps naive to the workings of Twitter, but what I see is a bunch of clutter, if one happens to follow more than, say, two people. Maybe I just follow the wrong people. I should unfollow everybody and pick someone entertaining. But I still don't think I'd ever go there.

Facebook - I'm just not a fan. I have people who are close to me who update their Facebook page at least a couple times a day. I'm not sure why. Granted, I like to know what's happening with people I don't get to see very often, but instead I see a lot of "funny" photos linked from other sites, political rants (yuck), and surprisingly, tons of people who love posting candid pics of themselves. I guess I'm no show-offy enough. I don't even use a photo of me as my profile picture. Friends who choose to send messages to me via Facebook, be aware: I might not see it for a week or so. I honestly forget to go there, usually.

We've overdone it with all this social media stuff. I frankly think there's too much networking going on nowadays. I blame narcissism. Everybody wants to be important; a star. Everyone wants the spotlight to shine on them. 

The brutal truth is, just like with songwriting sites like ReverbNation, all anyone is interested in is their own stuff. Bands don't listen to other bands. They just want to be heard. Twitter "tweeters" mostly want people to read their posts. Linkedin members want to show off their fancy resumes. This desperate hunger for celebrity has gotten out of hand.