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Friday, October 14, 2016

Google Ate My Blog

Please don't ever try contacting Google. Oh, they claim to have a contact page -- it doesn't work. I somehow finagled an email address and Google was quick to reply. Except they gave me two very contradictory "solutions". One said to go to www.blahblahblah and renewal would be quick as a snap! The other said I owed them $500,000.00 or so, because my account as in arrears. Alas, neither of these options worked (and boy, do I miss my $500,000.00!)

In desperation, I "Googled" (yes) a blog forum, and posted my plea for help. The Google folks were eager to point me in the right direction, which led to a black hole.

Somehow, tipsy, I found my site again. It works today. I don't know what tomorrow may bring.

So if you're wondering what happened to me, let me tell you, it's been an unnerving quest. Google has always been there for me -- until now. No offense, Google, but what the hell?

But for now I shall bask in the glow of Rich Farmers being back.

And I missed you guys.