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Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Don't Just Write About Music

I write about music a lot because that is my life's breath. And I know you who read my blog have come to expect that from me. I honestly could write about music every day, forever.

I did want to take a brief intermission, however, to tell you that I actually write. Novels, that is.

My last novel was completed and published two years ago. Sometimes one just needs a break. I needed time to gather my wits and to pursue other things, and for me, writing is hard. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend every waking moment thinking about a new story. Writers are strange people.They get too involved. It's easier and more fun to write about music and about hit singles and about artists because it's not about me. Well, it's sorta about me, but in context. I sort of became the protagonist of my last novel, which was unhealthy. I imbued too much of me in it and I became overly protective.

So I needed some distance.

Now, two years later, I think I'm ready to start again.

I tonight re-read the start of my new novel, and I rather like it. Perhaps I'm ready. I've determined, though, that I'm not going to "become" this protagonist. I will keep a steely distance.

In between blogging about music and "years in music" and all those good things; savory things; I will update you on my novel's progress.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled musical fun...