Friday, August 31, 2007

CMT Nominations

I'm not sure if anyone pays attention to the CMA Awards anymore. I used to. There also was a time when I couldn't imagine not watching the show (breathlessly), and even taping it for later playback.

I don't watch it anymore.

Funny (meaning, "pathetic") story: In my teens, I really, really wanted to be part of the CMA nominating and voting process, so I lied and said that I either worked for or owned a radio station (can't remember which). I made up call letters for my station and everything. I think it only cost something like $15.00 to become a CMA member.

Obviously, the CMA didn't employ fact-checkers, because I easily became a member.

It was fun. I think the first ballot listed a bunch of names for each category, and also included a space for write-in votes. Then, a short while later, the second ballot came in the mail. That one had each category narrowed down to 10 names, I believe. Then, later, the final ballot.

My people/songs usually didn't win, however. But, hey, at least my voice was heard (the voice of the fictitious radio station owner/manager/what-not).

Ah, so many years ago.

Now, it doesn't really matter to me. Like anything that one grows tired of, it happened gradually. The last CMA awards show that I remember distinctly was the 1987 telecast. That was the year that Rodney Crowell won for best album for "Diamonds And Dirt". I was so thrilled. I LOVED that album.

Subsequent years became increasingly boring and/or irritating. I was always happy when George Strait picked up an award, but other than that, it pretty much lost its relevance.

The only connection I have to the CMA's nowadays is reading the list of nominations, and later, the list of winners.

I did find it interesting this year, however, that the two artists who garnered the most nominations were Brad Paisley and George Strait. Both very traditional country artists. Had Alan Jackson been in the mix, I would have thought I was back in the eighties again.

All I can say is, HA! So! I guess real country wins out in the end after all. Maybe I'm not so old and over the hill. Maybe I'm right in the MAINSTREAM of country music, and all those OTHER people are woefully out of touch. Either that, or I've entered the twilight zone.

I mean, what the heck? What happened to all the country music "superstars"? Where are their nominations?

Oh sure, there's a Keith here, a Kenny there. But where are Bo and Hope....I mean, Tim and Faith? Where's Toby? Where's all those "hot", smokin' artists?

In case you haven't seen the list, here it is: CMA Nominations

It feels like 1987 again, again.

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