Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dork Visits The CD Manufacturer

(originally posted 05-13-06)

Well, today was the day. We (I) gathered up all our important papers, pictures and of course, our master, and trudged down to the CD manufacturer. I thought we were quite well prepared, in light of the fact that we had no idea what we were doing.

Last night, I’d carefully spell-checked and printed out all our song lyrics (for the CD insert), I printed up our track listing and our credits page with our little bio and other important information.

I had been told that the pictures were “my decision” (ha ha ha ha). So my other duty last night was to cull through the pictures we’d already isolated as possibilities and come up with some that might actually work. By the time I was done, I had about three pictures, which quickly were reduced to one, after David flatly stated, “No”, “Don’t like that one”, “That one won’t work”. So much for my decision-making.

Additionally, I played stenographer, as I dutifully wrote down all the questions that David wanted to ask the CD rep today.
So, we (I) had my folders ready with the papers, the pictures, the picture disks, the questions. And off we went today.
As we walked into the place with our “deer caught in the headlight” stares, we wandered around aimlessly, accurately mimicking characters from “Night Of The Living Dead” until it was our turn.

The man was very nice, although I was hoping he’d kind of give me a cue as to where to start. Since he didn’t, I babbled incoherently, rustling papers, talking nonsensically, trying to communicate the look we wanted to achieve.
Meanwhile, Mr. Question Person sat back on the couch, suddenly becoming an innocent bystander. I looked to him for assistance from time to time, but he appeared to not know why we were there or what it was I wanted him to do or say. “Remember, you wanted to ask about ……?” “Oh, that’s not important now.”
So, I somehow stumbled through the “conference” (??), left with the terrifying impression that the man had no idea what we wanted.

And the papers I’d so carefully prepared ~~ “Can you just email those to me? Otherwise I’ll just have to retype everything.” Oh, duh. (Hand slapping forehead). Gosh, golly, I never thought of that. I’m an idiot. Shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Then the “head guy” (I guess) came out and greeted us. Husband did finally manage to utter almost one complete sentence. “Head Guy” asked us if we were in a rush for the CD’s - if we had any upcoming gigs. “Not yet”, I replied. (Not yet?? - ha ha - good one, I laughed to the voices in my head - since Husband was apparently still employing the “silent communication” style of conversation.)

So, Dan (our guy) told me that he’d prepare some preliminary graphics and email them to me, and we can revise and consult as needed via email. That will take about 8 - 10 days. Then, once that has been settled, the actual manufacturing process will take another 10 days or so. So, our CD should be ready around the first part of June!!!

The moral of the story is, be prepared, talk nonsensically to cover for the “silent partner” sitting next to you, cross your fingers and hope we don’t end up with a giant tongue on the cover or something similarly inappropriate.

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