Friday, August 10, 2007

Where The Heck Have I Been?

(originally posted 07-21-06)

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My friend told me awhile ago that she thought I would surely post in my blog after our CD came out. I thought I would, too!

Our CD, “Sparrow“, was released on June 9. It was exciting, yet scary, to hold the actual, professionally manufactured CD in my hands. The Noiseland guy loaded the 5 boxes of CD’s into our trunk, except for the one CD I was hanging onto, which we popped into our CD player for the drive home. Immediately, of course, Red River’s Other Half (Producer Guy) became strangely silent. Later, I found out that he was noticing all the mistakes (of course!). I, on the other hand, chose to just enjoy the finished project.

So, what do I think? Objectively? ha ha ha ha ha - No seriously. I can be objective……to a degree. One must keep in mind that these songs are my “children”, however. I think the songs are damn good. That said, yes, there is always room for improvement. Even highly successful artists are never completely satisfied with the end result, and anyone who is, is not a true artist.

The recordings I think are the best (as opposed to the songs I think are the best) would probably be “Ring In The Old” and “The Way”.

The feedback from the CD’s we’ve given out to family is overwhelming… non-existent. I’m sure it’s nothing personal. It’s true, however, that artists are filled with self-doubt, and silence is basically the same as, “You suck.”

But, just when I thought, geeez, maybe it isn’t any good, I got this email from the director of a GREAT country station, Classic Heartland:

Dear Michelle,
Congratulations! “Sparrow” is great! In my opinion, you guys have the sound that epitomizes the singer/songwriter movement, and it is a pleasure to play this stuff during our “Alt. Vault.” We hope to give independent country, western and bluegrass more attention in the near future as we begin operating under the name Heartland Public Radio and we add more streams.
Thanks for sending the disc.

George Fair
President, Classic Heartland

So, I’m feeling better. And now, on to new songs.

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