Saturday, November 10, 2007

Camp Classic Du Jour

I decided that I should start posting some camp classics (those songs you are ashamed to admit that you like).

And believe me, this video is unusual in a queasy sort of way. Great chest hair, though. And the background is so "realistic".

And then, suddenly, the song ends. Well, what can you do? This is the only video I could find.

And then I thought, well, how about another camp classic?

Camp Classic du Jour - part II

Okay, a couple of things: Gotta love the eighties hair (both male and female). Also, um, he plays his guitar backwards. Is this a prop? Does he actually know how to play guitar? And get some boots, man! I mean, the Nikes have got to go. Although they're handy for "running in place". Geez, great choreography there, BRC.

I do hear, though, that he's making big $$ off one of his kids now. Kudos!

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