Friday, November 16, 2007

Dwight Is Cool (youtube videos included)

Yes, Dwight is cool.

I don't really understand why Dwight would be considered outside the mainstream, because I don't think anyone is cooler than Dwight.

If I were asked to give someone a crash course in country music, I would point them in the direction of Dwight.

The more things change in country music, and the more I hate the changes, at least I have Dwight's music to console me.

So, here are a few Dwight videos I've found, and some links to buy this great music. (Click on the links to watch the videos. Click on the pictures to buy the music. You won't be sorry.)

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

Although it seems like he's saying:

I've got heartaches in my pockets
I've got pickles in my head

He's not really saying that, but that just adds to the mystique.

Close Up The Honky Tonks

(A Buck Owens song)

Intentional Heartache
A recent favorite!

Please Please Baby

A live performance! With Pete Anderson!

Suspicious Minds
Dwight does Elvis, better than Elvis.

Long White Cadillac
Wow, another sentimental favorite. Boy, does this bring back memories!

Ain't That Lonely Yet

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Dwight does Queen. This is a live performance from the Tomorrow's Sounds Today tour. I saw this concert!

The first time I saw Dwight do this was on a Gap commercial. I said to my son, was that Dwight? The first and only time I didn't mind crass commercialism. Cuz it was so good!

And, of course, the ultimate country song:

Guitars, Cadillacs

Is Dwight the savior of country music? You be the judge.

I think these videos, and these songs, tell the tale.

I know I sing the praises of Dwight a lot. But he is THAT GOOD. If you don't listen to country music; if you've never heard it before, watch these videos. You will be hooked.

Dwight Yoakam.

If you never listen to another country artist, listen to this guy. He is the real deal.

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