Saturday, November 3, 2007

More New Music Recommendations

John Fogerty's latest, Revival, is a VERY GOOD album. Ah, the kind of music I've been missing. Some really good rock & roll, and country (yes, some of it sounds country to me - I mean, country as it used to be known.)

This is a political album, lyrically. I was not aware of this before I bought it. Nevertheless, musically, it's very, very good. I can forgive political lectures, as long as the music is good, and as long as I don't have to be bombarded in the media constantly by the artist's political yammerings (see Dixie Chicks).

Since I downloaded the album, I don't have the liner notes, but there's a lot of great organ on many tracks, and some great drumming.

My favorite tracks:

Gunslinger - Sort of an Eagles vibe on this one; this is what I mean by country.

I Can't Take It No More - It's like a Little Richard song! And it comes in at 1:41. Hey, say what you need to say and be done with it - that's my philosophy.

It Ain't Right - This is more of a Creedence song than the track titled, "Creedence Song" on the album.

Natural Thing - Another "Creedence-type" song. Great organ on this one.

River Is Waiting - Very pretty & mellow. More great organ.

Don't You Wish It Was True - This is a catchy little number. This one and Gunslinger are my two favorites.

Broken Down Cowboy - Another "Eagles-type" country song. Another very pretty song.

If you are a John Fogerty or a Creedence fan, you won't be disappointed by this offering. Seven really good tracks; that's unusual these days. And the other tracks aren't too shabby, either.

Revival (purchase or download at Amazon (DRM-free downloads!)

On a completely different note, Gene Watson finally has a new album.

Casual country fans don't know this, but Gene Watson is kind of the ultimate country singer. If you've never heard "Farewell Party", check it out. And wait for that last note - it's a killer.

But on to the new album. It's good! He does some classic songs, some new songs. Some duets, some solos.

The ones I like the best are:

Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me - A classic country song you never get tired of hearing; sung by, well, you know - the ultimate country singer.

Let Me Be The First To Go - A duet with Vince Gill. Very pretty song.

She's Already Gone - This one is my favorite. This is a new song, and Gene sings the heck out of it.

Together Again - A duet with Rhonda Vincent. I wonder how many times this song has been recorded. Well, this is a nice version.

A Good Place To Turn Around - Another duet, this time with Connie Smith. Well, isn't it nice to hear from Connie again! I like this one a lot.

So, there you have it. I haven't found any good music for about a year, and suddenly I've found four good (if not great) albums in the course of a couple of weeks! Hey, things are looking up!

In A Perfect World
(purchase or download at Amazon)

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