Saturday, November 3, 2007

Songs You Like, But Never Want To Hear Again

Driving along, doing my Saturday errands, I flipped the dial to the oldies station, and, as I've said in the past, you never catch the good songs. I don't know if they keep them in a time-release vault, only to be opened at the witching hour, or what, but seeing as Daylight Savings Time ends tonight, I think they must play the good songs in that "extra hour" that happens once a year.

But the song I heard this morning isn't actually a bad song; it's a good song. It's just that, after hearing it approximately 3,000,000 times in my life, I don't care to hear it ever again.

Here's the one I mean:

(lip-synching badly - ha!)

Notice on the second song how the harmonica starts playing before he even pulls it out of his it! ha! And what's with him staring at that honeycomb wall throughout the whole song? "Don't look at me - I'm hideous!"

On the other hand, I never get tired of hearing this song, maybe because I've only heard it 2,000,000 times:

And you gotta love the "choreography" in this performance. "Okay, Dennis & Carl, you stand with your arms crossed; Al and Mike, stand there - do nothing! I repeat, do nothing. Okay Mike, you can snap your fingers during the last half of the song, but that's it."

Dick Clark was kind of a doofus. I know he's a legend and all, but he acted like he'd never heard of the Beach Boys before.

I do like the part about, "Well, I write and produce the songs, so I guess I get to say what we do next." You go, Brian!

I think I'll browse youtube some more later, to see if I can find some of those other songs I never want to hear again.

How about you? Got any songs that you're thoroughly sick of?

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