Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Take On Illegal Downloading - From A Member Of Red River

Some guy posted a link in one of the audio message boards to a story about the RIAA suing people for illegal downloads and said it was chicken shit.

Here is my reply to him:

"Just another way that digital recording is destroying the music industry. People now think music is "cheap" and should not be payed for. The average person has no clue what it costs to record a commercial cd, not including the time and effort spent writing the material for said cd, practicing it over and over and over again (cause studio's charge way too much to not be 100% prepared before you enter one) and the likely years and years, perhaps decades of learning to play and perfect your instrument of choice.

It's a TON of work, time and $$$ invested by the artist....the ones that get screwed the most. It's no wonder we have "music" these days performed by "Artists" who can't read or write music, can't sing and can't play an instrument. Those are the ones making money and those are the ones most likely to survive in a digital world.

I'm sure i'll get flamed for this post, but i'm truly sick and tired of people thinking quality music should just magically appear on their personal computer with no payment for the people that created the music.

Last but not least, let us remember that the music you steal is an artists labor of's mission if you will, and that it means the world to him/her and the artist poured their soul into creating that music"

They just are totally clueless. I wonder how many of THEM stayed up half the night to work on their "job" like Dave did the other night?

Bothers me that music has become so cheap.....disposable. I HATE that. Man, I remember saving my money for months so I could buy the next Beach Boy's album. I got a lot of satisfaction from that.

Happy new year to both of you.


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