Friday, January 11, 2008

Question Regarding MP3 Players

I got myself a new MP3 player - sort of a late Christmas gift to myself, and I loaded 393 songs into it last night. (Yikes - I guess I have many, many songs to go before I fill it up!)

Anyway, I've been listening to it today, and why is it that the "shuffle" doesn't seem to shuffle very much? I would think, out of 393 songs, I wouldn't hear any repeats for several hours. But it keeps wanting to play some of the same songs over and over (Oh, and I do have "Over And Over" in my player).

And then it never wants to play certain songs. Is there some kind of little bitty critic living inside my player? One who decides which songs he likes and therefore, which ones he will play? Well, I don't think I like his attitude.

Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me? I'm just curious.

Anyway, I looked for a video to add to this post, and I came up with this one from a long, long time ago. This just happens to be one of the songs I added to my player. (By the way, anyone who only knows Ray Stevens from his so-called "humorous" songs, perhaps doesn't realize that he was quite a good artist in his day.

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