Friday, March 14, 2008

Did I Say I Wouldn't Post About American Idol Very Much?

Hey, I'm sticking to that. Really. I mean it. At least today.

The thing is, you just get caught up in it. It's Topic A at work. Everyone's got their opinions, their favorites. It's no use arguing with them. I will say, though, that most people are

Ha Ha - I'm just kidding.
Okay, no, I'm not really kidding. It just sounds kind of rude to say that most people are wrong. Even if they are.

But anyway, I watched this week's episode today (yes, I am behind the curve, but there is actually a good reason why I can't watch the show "live".)

And, even this early in the competition, I have settled on my favorite. I was a bit on the fence before today. I liked this person before ~ this person is original. This person has a great voice. I guess what I was on the fence about was this person's personality. Oh, let's face it, we want to like the person who's delivering the song. That's a big part of the overall entertainment experience.

I didn't know much about this person, in the few performances I'd seen. But now I know that this person is humble, and funny. So, great voice, originality, humble, funny. I've settled on my favorite.


Oh, and by the by. Those people who are wrong, and have picked your favorites for all the wrong reasons......Ask yourself, would you buy a CD from your favorite? No? Okay. Then you agree that I'm right. All righty then.

P.S. My second favorite is Jason Castro, but he won't win, of course. But what a breath of fresh air this kid is.

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