Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Steps

There hasn't been much to write home about lately regarding Red River and our "success stories" - ha ha! (What success stories?) But, to be fair, we haven't been very productive for awhile, either.

There have been a couple of things worth mentioning, though, I guess.

I received an email from Audiosparx this week, letting me know that one of our songs, "Ghost Town", is being used in a short film that will be shown at a student film festival. So, that's kinda nice. The filmmaker will be using the entire song for the end title. It would be nice to know more about the project, but I'm not going to badger the person, to try to find out more. All I know is, it's a short western film.

Then, today, I got an email, telling me that a song I'd entered (and forgotten about!) won an honorable mention in the Song Of The Year contest back in December. I truly forgot that I had even entered anything. It must have been one of my weaker (drunk) moments - no, I'm just kidding about the drunkenness. But I really don't, as a rule, enter anything that I have to pay to enter.

I also forgot which song I'd entered. I'm thinking it was probably, "Prayed For It To Rain". At one time, I was pretty enthusiastic about that song. Also, now thinking back, I believe there were some decent judges in that contest, a fact which most likely convinced me to part with my money.

Of course, this "award" won't do anything for us (it won't even give me a return on my investment), but still, it's a nice pat on the back.

Oh, my name is here: Songwriter Of The Year Honorable Mention List

(Click quick, before it's gone!)

So, there you have it........little teeny baby steps.

If you want to listen to "Ghost Town" or "Prayed For It To Rain", you'll find them here:

Red River's Website (Music Page)

Thus ends today's infomercial.

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