Friday, July 4, 2008

Cloud Pictures & A Song

A couple of years back, I had this weird preoccupation with taking pictures of clouds from my deck.

I think it all started with an approaching storm, and me noticing that the clouds were strange and foreboding (I guess).

From there, I grabbed my camera every time I stepped out on the deck, and I saw some interesting things in the sky.

These photos were all taken during the same summer season.

Did you ever, as a kid, lay on the grass and look at the clouds? I did. I used to think that the cloud formations depicted the saints and the Virgin Mary, revealing themselves in the sky. Yes, I always did have a vivid imagination.

Maybe I wasn't so far off. Who knows? Maybe we should pay better attention, like we did when we were kids.

When I thought back to those warm summer days as a kid, lying in the grass, staring up at the sky, I wrote:

Saw God in the clouds
On a warm summer's day
Laid in the grass
Let the time tick away
Nothin' much goin'
Just a child who was free
To ponder the heavens
'Neath a cottonwood tree

Here is my "cloud" song. Take a look at the pictures below, as you listen. Yes, the recording isn't that good; it was one of the first times I ever recorded a song. But it has an innocence to it, I guess.


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