Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 89th Birthday, Kitty Wells!

Many Candles

Wow, eighty-nine! Happy Birthday, Kitty!

For country music fans who are too young to remember Kitty Wells, suffice it to say that if it weren't for Kitty Wells, there probably wouldn't be a Carrie or a Taylor or a ______ (fill in the blank with any generic female country star of today).

There also wouldn't be a Tammy or a Loretta or a Tanya or a Barbara.

There might not even be a Patsy.

I could delve into the history of women in country music, but Chet Flippo explains it here far better than I could: What Kid Rock and Kitty Wells Can Teach Today's Country

For a more in depth analysis, you may want to read Finding Her Voice: Women in Country Music, 1800-2000

Or, we could just watch Kitty, doing her most memorable hit:


So, happy birthday, Kitty!

Maybe have a cup of coffee to go with that cake.

Kitty Wells Mug

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