Friday, October 17, 2008

RIP Levi Stubbs

A lot of famous acts came out of the Motown family, and I guess, a lot who were more famous than the Four Tops, but for me, there was none better.

If you've read any of my blog posts, you might have noticed that I managed to slip references in, from time to time, to this song. Funny, it was a hit in 1965 -- that's 43 years ago -- and I've never gotten tired of it. Just playing it makes me happy. See if it makes you happy, too:

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Yea, time passes. Too quickly, it seems. Now there is only one "Top" left, Duke Fakir. Lawrence Payton died in 1997; Obie Benson in 2005.

But there's no doubt that Levi Stubbs was the "voice" of the Four Tops. And what a voice!

“Levi Stubbs was one of the great voices of all times,” former Motown labelmate Smokey Robinson said.

"I Can't Help Myself" wasn't the only hit song the Four Tops had, of course. They had a lot of great ones. But this one was, to me, the best, and the most enduring.

But, for fun, and old time's sake, here's another performance, from the Ed Sullivan Show.

Enjoy "The Voice".

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Rest in peace, Levi Stubbs.

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