Friday, October 31, 2008

A Surprise At The Supermarket

I don't necessarily hate getting groceries, but I do hate when it comes time to swipe my card through. Sure, picking stuff out is no problem. Too bad it isn't free; then it would really be fun.

For some reason, we began going to the grocery store on Sunday mornings, which isn't actually bad. There's a lot fewer people around. Sometimes I go by myself, if my husband is tired and wants to sleep in. Again, I don't mind that, except when it comes to bagging and loading stuff into my cart.

Last Sunday, as I was busily unloading my $200.00 worth of items from my cart, a woman appeared out of nowhere, holding two bouquets of roses. "Would you like a free dozen roses?", she asked. I sort of looked around to make sure she was talking to me, and then I said, "Um, sure", thinking, "what's the catch?" "They're past their sell-by date, so we have to get rid of them," she said. "Would you like the red or the yellow?" So, I said, the yellow, and lo and behold, I got me a free dozen yellow roses at the supermarket!

Here they are:

Yes, it's quite amazing to me, because I never get anything for free. There's always a catch. Usually "free" stuff ends up costing me something.

And to top it off, the guy at the checkout actually loaded my cat litter into my cart for me, and he even said, "thank you", and I think he also said, "have a nice day"! The world may be coming to an end.

And yes, the flowers were past their sell-by date, and now this is all I have left:

But it was still a nice surprise. Oh, and McDonalds offered us two free ice cream cones this week. I can feel it - my luck is changing!

Since this is a music blog, I thought this song might be appropo:

Mildred's Garden

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