Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Hate Winter

We've been pretty lucky so far. A week ago today, the temp was in the seventies. But alas, the weather changes rather quickly here in southeastern Minnesota.

After enjoying a nice week last week, the big change strolled in on Friday. The weather got windy and co-l-l-l-der. Then Saturday, wow! Every time I ventured out of my car while doing errands, I started muttering under my breath, as the stiff north wind tried its best to hurl me across interstate 494, when all I wanted to do was make my way from my car into the cozy confines of Target to look for a 3.6-volt battery (did you know that those are impossible to come by?)

Sunday, I only ventured outside my house to buy vittles at Cub Foods. Then I nestled in to relax (sleep) the rest of the day.

Of course, by Monday I was back at work. As a smoker, I get to "enjoy nature" on a daily basis. Luckily, we have one evergreen tree in the smoking area to shelter us from winter's icy blast. So, there we are, huddled together behind the pine tree, rubbing our hands together (well, one hand, really, since we use the other hand to smoke). That wasn't too awfully bad, in the larger scheme of things.

But TODAY, we couldn't even rub one hand together, because we were holding umbrellas to protect us from the ICE PELLETS that were raining down upon us. This in addition to the arctic "breeze". As I left work today, I looked like a ninety-year-old lady, shuffling across the parking lot, trying to remain upright as I stepped gingerly upon the glare ice. Ahhhh, winter.

If only winter was like they show in picture books. Like this:

Winter At Fox Forest

Tonight we are supposed to get a "dusting of snow". The thing about the weather service is, they lie.

So, tomorrow morning, we'll probably have 3 - 4 inches of snow - on top of the ice, mind you, which will make for an exciting ride to work.

Did I say that I hate winter?

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