Saturday, November 15, 2008

Officially Old

Yes, I've officially turned the corner.

I just ordered a CD from Amazon that I now realize that I already had.

How does that happen??

See, I wanted to order a book. And they said, if you have $xx.xx in charges, you get free shipping. So, I thought, well okay! I'll just order a CD and that'll add up to enough to have free shipping, PLUS I get a CD, too!

So, I looked through their choices of discounted CD's. And I thought about it, and looked at a few, and I finally settled on one that I thought I would like.

Well, SURE I would like it! I already have it! Moron!

So, now I've got two. Always good to have a spare! (I guess).

In case you care, here's the one I got:

And yes, it's good, but I wouldn't necessarily say DOUBLY good.

Here's a sampling of what you would find on the CD (if you were to purchase ONE copy):

And the book I was buying? It's this:

All 822 pages of it! I'm going to enjoy this! And only $20.55 at

That doesn't negate the fact that I am now old and senile.

But one learns to live with one's limitations.

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