Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catching Up With Sugarland

I decided, don't be a jerk, Shelly. Yes, I don't listen to country radio, but maybe I need to know what's going on, before I make snap judgments.

I have surmised that the top three acts in country music nowadays are:

1. Taylor Swift
2. Sugarland
3. Kenny Chesney

So, before I go shooting off my mouth, I think it's incumbent upon me to know what the heck I'm talking about.

Since I'm sort of off-kilter anyway, I thought I'd start with #2.

I became vaguely familiar with Sugarland when they released their song, "Baby Girl", although at the time, I think I attributed the song to someone else. Sara Evans maybe? Their voices are similar.

This song was from the time when Sugarland was still a trio; before they dumped Kristen Hall (probably because she skewed too old for the "young" country market).

Shortly thereafter, I stopped listening to country radio. So, I had no idea, really, what Sugarland was up to.

Later, I heard some buzz about Bon Jovi "going country"; and lo and behold, they did a country song and video featuring none other than Jennifer Nettles.

Well, I always liked Bon Jovi, so I thought I would check it out:

So, other than the Bon Jovi video, from 2004, when "Baby Girl" was a hit, to 2008, I was pretty much clueless as to what Sugarland was up to.

Then, recently, I heard about this cool new song, that Sugarland recorded with another group that I am completely unfamiliar with, Little Big Town:

But, hey, guess what, kids! This isn't by any means a new song. This is a remake of a hit '80's single by a group called Dream Academy.

Then, I kept reading online about how annoying the song, "All I Want To Do" was. Well, I don't think it is. People were bitching and moaning about the "all I want to do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh" line. Well, in my opinion, that's the hook. If it wasn't for that line, the song would be totally forgettable. Judge for yourself:

Probably, Sugarland's most famous, and controversial single was "Stay". I'm not going to pass judgment. It's an honest emotion. I will say that the video is more striking than hearing the song on the radio.

So, much as I hate "new" country, I have to say that Sugarland is the real deal. Of course, it's all Jennifer Nettles, really. It's sort of like how Daryl Hall was really the star of Hall & Oates (no offense, John).

As much as this group might try to stray from the country music fold, that voice is never going to be anything but country.

So, see how open-minded I can be? Talent is talent. There's no mistaking it. If she plays her cards right, Jennifer Nettles will have a lasting career in the country music world. No doubt about it.

Just wait, though. I haven't written about #1 or #3 yet........


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