Saturday, May 30, 2009

Artist of the Decade

I just watched the ACM Artist of the Decade show today. Yes, I DVR'd it (I have no patience for commercials).

Wow - what an entertaining show!

Why don't they have stuff like THIS on TV more often? As in, ever.

I won't even quibble that they waited until George's THIRD decade before giving him the honor. Hey, a decade is a decade. Who wouldn't like to have a whole decade devoted to them?

Surprisingly (to me), the performances that I enjoyed the most didn't come from the "icons" of the industry, for the most part.

Here are some of my favorites:

Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert - IT AIN'T COOL TO BE CRAZY ABOUT YOU

What George said to Blake: "I thought you were standing on a step."
What Blake thought George said to him: "Get your ass out of here!" (ha ha - priceless!)

Jamey Johnson ("I don't even think you like me very much") & Lee Ann Womack - GIVE IT AWAY

Dierks Bentley giving George a CD of one of his songs (another stellar moment!) - BLUE CLEAR SKY


Brooks & Dunn "I have every George Strait album ever made" - THE COWBOY RIDES AWAY

Alan Jackson

I don't know if Alan ever gets comfortable on the stage, even after all these years, but hey, who better to do THE FIREMAN?

Sugarland - ADALIDA (although it was a bit odd for Jennifer to be singing a love song to a gal, but whatever; it's still a good song and a good performance).

There were four tributes to the previous "artist of the decade" winners. One of those performances was good, two of them were AWESOME. The other one I'm not going to even bother to include, because this gal (who shall remain nameless) is more wooden than the ash tree in my front yard.

Here's the good one:

Mongtomery Gentry - tribute to ALABAMA - MOUNTAIN MUSIC

Martina McBride's AWESOME tribute to GARTH BROOKS - THE DANCE (and this made me cry)

***Keith Urban's*** AWESOME AWESOME tribute to Marty Robbins - MEDLEY OF HITS (Wow, Keith - I had no idea you were such a great singer!) HANDS DOWN my favorite performance of the night.

Worst performances of the night? Taylor Swift, with her thin, reedy voice. Jamie Foxx (whatever), that wooden gal singer with her tribute to Loretta Lynn (I think she was thrown off by her hair falling in her eyes). The wooden gal's husband. Conspicuously absent were a couple of the so-called biggest acts in country music. Karma will get you, boys.

Garth Brooks (gotta love him) presenting the award to George:


I love the look on Garth's face. He isn't even singing along. It's just a look of pure joy. The same look that we have when we hear a George Strait song.

All hail The King.

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