Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Nice Idea - 20 Things That Make Me Happy

Stealing a page from my blogger friend, Phil, I decided to list the 20 Things That Make Me Happy. Here's Phil's list.

Here's mine (let's see if I can come up with 20):

1. My husband (he doesn't like his picture published).

2. My two sons, Chris and Matt (likewise).

3. Grabbing my camera and going out to snap whatever I happen across.

4. Putting flowers out on my deck in the spring.

5. My dog, Josie.

6. My cat, Bob.

7. A hot cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.

8. Sunrise over Lake Superior.

9. Timeless music.

10. The Office on NBC.

11. A good book.

12. When I'm in the midst of writing a song that I know is going to be good (doesn't happen too often!)

13. Summer storms.

14. Morning.

15. A warm blanket.

16. A peanut buster parfait.

17. Solitude.

18. Good old honky tonkin' two-steppin' music.

19. Vintage Posters.

20. And, after this week, my number one thing that makes me happy is positive medical news!

It's kinda nice to think about the things that make you happy.


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PhilB said...

Thanks Michelle!! What a great list. Keep the faith,