Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Red River Video - DUST

I've been spending a bunch of time putting videos together for some of Red River's songs. It's frustrating, yet exhilarating, if you know what I mean.

It's quite time-consuming, if one wants to do it right. But the rewards are worth it.

Here's one I did for our song, Dust:


Unknown said...

great work, even the apparently simple video editing tasks end up taking far longer than anyone can imagine.

richfarmers said...

Thank you, Evan. I really appreciate your comment. And yes, I could spend hours on this stuff. ha ha

Unknown said...

It's kind of like an escape sometimes, where you really get into it - there's always moments of frustration though. Maybe that's just because I use windows movie maker.

sm1boredenough said...

I'm new to this site
I clicked (next blog) up there and here comes your blog
It seems you have some nice experience and I'd love to hear what your thoughts of my blog
please :)
thank you and can't wait :)

richfarmers said...

Yes, that's what I use. Let me know where I can see your work!

Unknown said...

I haven't uploaded anything to youtube. Hopefully this link works:

richfarmers said...

I liked it - nice use of effects, and really like the musical accompaniment - so appropriate for the video.

Unknown said...

Thanks Michelle, I probably spent too much time on that.

I need to get a video camera though. My digital camera works, but isn't all that great.

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