Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Number One Song on the Day You Were Born

Wonder what your parents were listening to on the radio way back in 18, I mean, 19__?

Now's your chance to find out!

Just plug in your date of birth (or your anniversay or any other important date in your life), and you will be magically transported back in time....way, way back in time, to that glorious day.

Number One Songs

So, naturally, mine is sort of lame, but it does have that wonderful merengue beat, which is what all the cool babies were dancing to in 1955.

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (they were into really long titles back then).

Aparently, rock & roll came into existence the year after I was born, because the next year, the number one song was "Heartbreak Hotel". And here I am, stuck with something that even Ricky Ricardo's orchestra refused to play.


I do realize that radio kind of mushed all genres of music together back then, so I assume that my parents did listen to this song. However, I think they were more into country music, so here is the top country song from that moment in time, which is more befitting of, well, maybe not me, per se, but I do have a couple of brothers who might have nightmares listening to:

In The Jailhouse Now

Ahhh, good old nasally Webb Pierce. He with the flashy blinding Nudie suits. And that orange color is DIVINE!

Well, it was a simpler time back then. Simple times for simple babies.

So, what's YOUR song? If you comment, you have to give me a YouTube link, too. I love YouTube videos. They fill those empty hours, when I'm not practicing my Latin ballroom dancing.

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