Saturday, March 19, 2011

How Dwight Yoakam Saved Music For Me

The sad reality is, most music today is dull.

I don't know what's up with people who listen to music now, but I think they all suffer from insomnia, and just want to be lulled to sleep.

Have you ever tuned into one of those "Generation Me" radio stations? Self-indulgent, self-pitying music. For those who think life is so bad that they need a soundtrack to accompany their little sad lives. You know the type; they go to the local coffee shop, and the barrista messes up their half-caff mocha latte, blah blah blah, grande coffee drinks. And they get on their cell phones and call up anyone who will answer, to tell them that yes, they are here at the local Starbucks, and they are completely miffed that the coffee server can't get their order right.

Sad, sad little lives.

Maybe they'll write a song about it. "My coffee server can't get my order straight, and now I'm depressed".

Buck up, kids! Did we really raise you to be such whiny, minutia-obsessed little self-indulgent pains in the ass?

If so, can we go back in time and just start over? Something went wrong somewhere, and while we can shoulder our share of the blame as parents, maybe you could pull up your pants and just give it a shot of acting like mature adults.

And the music you listen to! I heard one awhile back about this guy who was bemoaning the fact that, here he was, alone in some girl's apartment, and he only had one good clean white tee shirt. Really?? That's all it takes to write a song? Well, I've got a hamper-full of dirty laundry, and damn, I resent the fact that I actually have to pull that lever to turn the washer on, and pour some laundry detergent in, and stuff "stuff" in. That's beneath me, really. That's not a good use of my time and/or skills.

I'm not trying to minimize whatever the hell you think you're going through, but c'mon. You don't even know what suffering is. I don't even know what suffering is. My parents grew up in the Great Depression. They knew. They didn't have a lot of time for introspection. They were too busy working.

The thing about music is, it's not supposed to anesthetize you. Music is supposed to make you feel good.

You know what feeling good is, right?

I'll grant you; everyday life sucks. You wake up to the beeping of the damn alarm clock, and you struggle to dislodge yourself from under the covers. You know the drill. You stumble to the bathroom to put your makeup on (hopefully, this applies only to the female segment of society!) You go downstairs to feed the dog and the cat; you take the puppy outside for her bathroom chores; you grab your plastic bag of "lunch" and head out the door to once again face the insane ravings of your dysfunctional boss, as you attempt to juggle two people's jobs, because the economy is so bad that there's a "hiring freeze", and you're just damn lucky that you even have a job; so they tell you.

Well, yea, life is bad, but do you really need some moron on the radio to tell you that his life sucks because he doesn't have a clean tee shirt?

No, you need Dwight Yoakam.

See, Dwight might be bemoaning the fact that his love life isn't ideal, but he does it, at least, in a way that makes you want to dance!

Enjoy life, kids! This is all you got.

You can always buy new tee shirts at Target.

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