Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mel McDaniel

Funny how some things go unnoticed, or at least unreported.

Mel McDaniel passed away on March 31, and I only found out about it from reading Entertainment Weekly, of all places. Those guys at EW have no idea who Mel McDaniel was, but at least they reported it!

Mel was the king of feel-good, have-fun Saturday nights. In the days when I would sometimes frequent a honky tonk on a Saturday night, one of my all-time favorite local bands would open their first set with this song:

Mel had a bunch of great songs, including this one:

Unfortunately, those are the only two actual videos of Mel that I could find that are embeddable, but I wanted to include some other great Mel songs, so watch the nice pictures as you listen to these:

(There actually is a video of Mel singing, "Blue Jeans", but it's not embeddable, but here is the link.

Here's a link to Let It Roll (great song!)

So, maybe not a lot of people took notice, but Mel, you showed a whole lot of people a good time with your music, and since it's Saturday night, what could be more appropriate?

Thanks, Mel. God bless you.

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