Friday, August 19, 2011

Writing Again (At Least One More Time)

Yes, this is an example of how I write. I'm not proud of it, exactly, but it is what it is. I look at it as a way to entertain people, since so many feel compelled to comment on my handwriting style.

And, I have the added bonus of writing exactly like President Obama writes. No offense, President Obama, but you really look like a dork writing that way. Take it from one who knows.

Be that as it may, I have written (not "handwritten") a song, after yes, six months of non-writing.

To be frank, I wanted to know if I could still do it.

I'm not one of those "songwriting is my passion" sort of people. My passion is writing, period. But not necessarily songwriting. And not preferably songwriting.

Songwriting sometimes seems like it's more complicated than it's worth. You have to come up with chords, for one thing. And a melody. My natural mind doesn't actually work that way.

The words are pretty easy. It's all the other stuff that's hard.

But people tend to like things bundled into a neat little package, so songs, I guess, are the way to go.

So, I wrote one tonight.

It's not going anywhere, but nevertheless. I, at least, proved to myself that I could still do it. That, in itself, is worth the approximately two hours I spent on the exercise.

I'm finding myself getting away from songwriting. Face it, unless you're Paul Simon or someone (and even if you are Paul Simon), nobody cares. It's all just expendable. Music has been devalued, much like my 401K plan.

So, really, it's just an exercise. But one has to keep those creative juices flowing, right?

So, I did it. I wrote me a song, after six long months. I think I'll post it to my ReverbNation site. Sometime. Or maybe not.

It's really just the "doing" that counts.

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