Friday, January 27, 2012

Wow ~ I Love These Guys!

I am such a HUGE Oak Ridge Boys fan! I haven't seen them for awhile, so luckily, I turned on my TV the other night, and there they were!

Obviously, William Lee has shaved off his beard in this picture, but he still has that "Golden" hair, so he's truly unmistakable.

And just like in North Carolina, he completely dominates this song.

Joe Bonsall, however, (on the left) is not to be undeterred. Sure, he might be considered some people's "third" choice, but without that steady, high harmony, where, realistically, would the Boys be?

Duane Allen is his usual suave self. Maybe a bit too middle-of-the-road, but don't discount him!

And who can forget Richard Sterban? Admittedly, in this picture, he's not wearing his signature shades, but one can always count on Richard to deliver those bass notes; maybe not what you'd necessarily expect, and something just a bit off-kilter, but the group just wouldn't be entirely cohesive without Richard and his quirky personality.

Together, you might say, they form one perfect voice.

A big dash of dashing Duane, some William Lee for much-needed color; Richard for that unexpected flavor, and, of course, Joe Bonsall, to hold everything together.

And here they are, all together, doing one of their biggest hits:

Needless to say, the Oak Ridge Boys get my vote!

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