Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Night Special - Remember, Kids, Music Is Supposed To Be Fun!

Why do we like music? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Music can make us cry, if we feel like crying. Music can make us feel romantic. Music can distract us when we're bored.

Music can make our hearts race.

The one thing about music that everyone has seemed to forgotten these days (really) is that music is supposed to be fun.

How many "fun" songs do you hear on the radio?

Most of the songs today are so depressing, they make you want to run your car off the road.

Why does every artist want to wallow in their misery? You know, life has enough challenges.

And why, when the occasional "fun song" is recorded, does everyone scoff and deride it? "That's not serious music. That's just fluff." Oh, get over yourselves.

Think about the songs from the past that you really love. Are they all downers? If so, seek help.

I was watching a video from Flo and Eddie tonight (The Turtles, in case you didn't know), and they were having such fun performing. It made my heart skip.

And that reminded me of this song. Watch this and tell me that Zal Yanovsky didn't think that music was fun. He was absolutely joyous performing this song with John Sebastian and the guys.

I think he knew what music is all about.

Everybody else seems to have forgotten. Shame.

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hillieho said...

really enjoyed this post :) you're right. you don't see much artists enjoying their music. you miss have an earned a follower :D