Saturday, February 11, 2012


A friend just emailed me the news (I didn't have the TV on tonight).

I just hate stuff like this.

When you're only 48 years old, you're supposed to keep hangin' around.

Immediately, I was transported back to the nineteen eighties, and pop radio. I was a disciple of Top 40 radio in the eighties.

The news makes me want to cry. I am thinking, too much hard living, and her heart gave out. I don't know; nobody knows at this point.

I DO know that, in the 1980's, the one lone female voice that broke through was hers. Yes, I know there was Madonna. But if you think back with a clear head, you realize that Madonna had nothin' on Whitney.

Whitney was huge.

So, nothing profound tonight. Just some music videos from Whitney Houston.

One of my favorites:

Dolly....she probably never imagined it like this:

Rest in peace, Whitney. Just too soon.

Just too damn soon.

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