Saturday, September 1, 2012

Downloads? No Thanks.

Downloadable albums are so gauche.

Amazon keeps emailing me their "special deals" ~ $5.00 album downloads, and I think, nah, just not worth it.

What do physical CD's sell for nowadays?  Ten bucks?  Definitely not worth it.

At least, however, if one purchases a physical CD, they get something to hold in their hand, and a nice pretty picture, and some little tiny liner notes, along with their crappy music.

With a download, all you get is the crappy music.

I wouldn't give two figs for any of today's music, if I actually had any figs, and who does, really?

When's the last time I heard a song I liked?  Can we count oldies?

Maybe it's just me.  Maybe I'm worn out by music.

There was big online buzz recently about Taylor Swift's new single (I wonder how much she pays for that "free" publicity).  The song is titled, "We Are Never Getting Back Together".  Just the title alone makes me hate the song, without even hearing it.

To be fair, though, I clicked on the music video this morning.  I got through the first verse and half of the chorus before clicking it off.  Same old......

Taylor, do you ever just want to grow up?  Most little girls do.

(And, P.S., this is not country.)

Dwight has a new CD coming out soon.  I love Dwight, but the free tunes I sampled did absolutely nothing for me.  Did everybody suddenly get amnesia about what good music is supposed to sound like?

If you, and I mean you, know of a new song that I would really like, send me a link.  I want to believe that good new music actually exists.

Tip:  Here's an example of the kind of music I consider "good":

Thank you.

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