Sunday, November 25, 2012

What's The Worst Song of All Time? ~ Part 2

In my quest to discover the worst song of all time, I now present my friend Barb's choice.

There are two trains of thought regarding this song.  Number one, it is the VERY FAVORITE song of all pre-teen boys in the 1980's; and two, it really is the worst song of all time.  Comme ci, comme ├ža, as someone who actually understands French might say.

If you are a big fan of keyboard synthesization, you no doubt love this song.  If you are not a fan of cheesy oft-repeated lyrics, then.....

In searching for the music video of this song, I discovered that EMI Music has prohibited any users from posting it, because, well, you know, it's so VALUABLE.  However, EMI does have its own video available.  Unfortunately, one is forced to slog through a long commercial before actually watching.  Maybe it won't happen here, in this post.  I hope not.

Here is Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night":

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