Friday, January 18, 2013

Tomorrow, I May Read...

Tomorrow, I may read my manuscript.

Between you and me, I'm getting a bit weary of this whole thing.  Certain passages have nagged at me; told me they weren't good enough.  So, I rewrote them. 

Then I added things; things I sort of forgot; or things that I needed to write to flesh out the saga.

You know, this could go on forever!

When is a book "done"?  Never?

Face it (me); I will never be satisfied with the finished product.

If I had a direct line to an editor, maybe he would tell me when the book was done.  But I only have me.

So, tomorrow, I will read.

If it seems pretty good, I will let somebody else read it.

If it seems pretty bad, I'll chug away some more.

One year is all that I will give it.  One year seems like a lot!  But that's my final offer.

I've been writing for six months now.  That gives me six more months; tops.  I'm not inclined to give it that long; but I will, if I have to.

Either that; or I'm setting it free.

Tomorrow will tell.

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