Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Book ~Update

For better or worse, my manuscript is done. 

Sure, I could keep fussing with it, but I have to draw the line somewhere. 

Truth is, the reason I have kept fussing with it is because I'm afraid. 

Some poor fool is going to buy it, and say, "Well, that was a waste of $x.xx!" 

Or, "Who told this imbecile she knew how to write a book?"

Or, "There sure are a lot of boring parts in here!  Good thing I have this handy push-button on the side of my Kindle, so I can fast-forward!"

Or I will scroll to my Amazon page and see that nobody has purchased a copy, and I will feel like a failure.

Or, somebody will buy it and give it a scathing review (given a choice, I'd go with nobody buying it).

I guess sometimes in life one has to make that leap.  I've only really taken one leap in my life before this, so I'm hardly used to jumping.

I have contacted a book formatter to help me.  Very soon, this whole thing will be a reality.

And then, what will I do with my time? 

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