Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Weeks' Awesome "Nashville" Song

Okay, I like the show, "Nashville".  At first, I figured it to be your typical nighttime soap; and yup, it's a soap, but I don't necessarily think it's typical.  It's the music, stupid (I admonish myself).

It's the story, too, though.  Connie Britton is a great actress, but I find her character, Rayna, to be supremely unlikeable.  Can't blame her husband for wanting to divorce her.  Rayna is all about Rayna.

The character I first thought I would thoroughly hate turns out to be the one I like the best; Juliette, played by Hayden Panettiere.  She's interesting; and she's confused; and she's finding her way.   She's a brat sometimes, but I gradually learned the reasons why.

And granted, not all the music is great.  But some of it is.  I wait for the great moments.  This song is one of those (written by Ashley Monroe and Brendan Benson; performed here by Ashley Monroe):

I've got about three songs in my pocket (figuratively) from Nashville, the show.  There are other good ones, but just three so far I think are great.  Three?  I wouldn't hear three great songs on country radio if I listened for three straight years.

Oh, and by the way, Scarlett is a pain in the ass. 

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