Sunday, March 17, 2013

Remember When We Wanted Our MTV?

I'm old enough to remember when music was experienced through our ears; and not through our eyes.

I guess I'm old enough to remember a whole bunch of things, frankly.

But, like everybody else who was cognitive in 1981, I immediately became addicted to MTV.

Artists are acting out their songs?  Well, that's different!

My cable provider was quick to jump on the  bandwagon, so I saw MTV from its inception.  Weirdly, though, there are only certain songs videos that adhered to my brain cells from that time; even though they weren't necessarily good songs.  Maybe I remember those because they were so heavily rotated.

Remember this?  (a-ha!)

How about this?

Whip it good!

George Michael in 1988: opposed to the very cheesy George Michael (and that other guy) of two years earlier (this always makes me laugh):

I'm a big Mark Knopfler fan:

This video was shown about 3,528,600 times too many:

Ahh, takes me back to the days when I had a frizzy perm and giant eyeglasses. 

In a post to come, I'll run down my favorite videos (which were often my favorite songs) from the MTV days.


Marla said...

Thanks for the little trip down memory lane. I, too, watched MTV from it's inception. Those videos you posted are ones I remember too. But, also, I remember the VJ's!! I was SO SO envious of them! I thought they were so cool! What a great job! My daughters found MTV when TRL become huge - in the mid 80's. So, I watched along with them. My musical tastes are into country these days so I turn on CMT when I work out, etc. I must admit I love a lot of the country videos! They bring more meaning to the songs. But - it's kind of good to know we were part of the MTV generation!!

richfarmers said...

Hi Marla, when my sister would come to visit from Texas, we always had a blast watching MTV together and laughing over the videos, while admiring many of them. I, too, remember the VJ's well. They were celebrities. Once my kids got older, and were off doing their own thing, I sort of drifted away from MTV, and back into country. Thanks for sharing these memories with me!