Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rich Farmers Update ~ More Retailers

Getting tired of this yet?  Ha.  Well, I'm a business man (woman?), so I hope you understand that I am excited about expanding Rich Farmers to more retailers.

Therefore, just a quick note to let you know that Rich Farmers is now available for download from Smashwords here.  I have no idea why there are two copies available ~ trust me; both versions are one and the same.  I don't consider myself to be technologically challenged; I choose to blame the websites for any glitches that occur.

I'm counting the days until Smashwords makes my book available on the iTunes site.

And ~ ta DA!  I have 11 downloads now!  That, plus the two from Amazon, makes a lucky 13!

And here I thought the only person who would buy my book would be me.

Ooh, I can feel the $1.97 in royalties rolling in right now!  I can retire!  Hallelujah!

Seriously, though, Rich Farmers isn't half bad.  My friend Barb didn't actually use the words, "half bad", but she's still reading it!  That's a good sign!


UPDATE!  I just viewed my sales report via Amazon, and I have sold 4 copies!  So, 15 now!  What the heck will I do if I ever reach 20?  (And seriously?  There are fifteen people who will soon know all the embarrassing details of my life?  Eeeek.)

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