Saturday, April 13, 2013

Is This a New Song?

My husband was watching some boring science show today; I believe it was about asteroids.  What I gleaned from the show is that there is a main computer on which the scientists store the giant map of all asteroid locations.  I said, "Sure hope they backed that up."  Because you know how that goes.  Then I fell asleep.  

Apparently, a commercial must have come on, and as a man, he was obliged to channel surf.  This is also why I choose to not become interested in anything my husband is watching, because, on the off-chance it would be interesting, click!  It's gone!

I woke up to this video on CMT or GAC; not sure which.

Is this new?  I admit I don't listen to country radio, so I don't know.

Regardless, I like it!  And the video is cool, too.

So, there I go.  I actually admit that I like a modern country song.

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Marla said...

Yes, I believe this is a new song, sung by Miranda Lambert. It's on her latest album. I love the video - when she starts to cut up her meat with some pretty serious force! It's funny!! I love much of the CMT music videos - they are often funny or very touching. I love country music!