Saturday, June 29, 2013

And Now This Brief Interlude

I watched this concert on HBO, oh, about...twenty years ago or so. Know how you forget about certain artists? They fade into the background; while newer, hipper acts supersede them?

That's because people are stupid. If you ever get the opportunity to view the whole Everly Brothers reunion concert online (I'm sure it can be accessed via YouTube), do it!

I was well aware of all the animus between Don and Phil. Let's face it; you grow up with somebody; they're always there; in your face. You can't ever be rid of them. Then your mom and pop decide, heck, let's put 'em together in an act! They sing like angels!

And they really do. They sing like angels. Two-part harmony is one thing - between acquaintances; professional counterparts. Two-part harmony between brothers is sort of like God meant music to be.

My husband and I are going to be recording a cover of "Love Hurts", so I searched for a video online. I only found this trilogy, but I found it to be ultimately cool and mind-blowing in its precision.

One just can't do it better than this. Forget the eighties hair bands who appropriated the song. They're all fine and dandy, but they just can't ever measure up to the original.

This is just...smooooooth.


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