Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rant About Junk

Know all those feel-good US Postal Service commercials? (By the way, are we paying for those?) Well, I'm ever so happy to provide work for a mail carrier -- to deliver my junk mail.

Do you ever get any mail that you actually want? Awhile back, they were threatening to cut off Saturday delivery. I say, right on! In fact, cut out Mondays and Wednesdays and whatever other days suit your fancy! One day a week would be dandy - as long as I get my magazine.

I strolled down to my mailbox today (to retrieve my magazine) and the little compartment was jammed with bent cardboard ads for something or other, people asking me for money (good luck!), somebody wanting to work on my roof (my association takes care of that, thank you) and to care for my lawn. Even if one calls a four-foot square patch of mostly-alive grass a "lawn", I still don't think I need anyone to care for it (my association does that).

I pulled all my ads (and my magazine!) out of the box, went home and threw everything in the trash. By the way, isn't all that refuse bad for the environment?

So, today, I finally had enough. I found a site that allows one to opt out of junk mail. I am hoping this works better than the Do Not Call List. The site is recommended by the Federal Trade Commission, and you and I both know that we certainly can put our trust in the US Government.

Here is the link, if you are interested.

DMA Choice, as it's called, also has an option to opt out of junk email. I personally feel this is a losing battle; however, I went ahead and gave it a shot. We'll see.

I have nothing personal against mail carriers - hey, everybody needs to have a job. I have a sneaking suspicion, however, that the US Postal Service promotes this third-class junk mail bombardment. After all, without junk mail, the guys would have to just drive around town randomly - all day. But I'm sure our Federal Government would find a way to justify that.

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