Friday, August 30, 2013

Trying Too Hard

You know that look of desperation? We've all seen it. Everything is going wrong, but it needs to be salvaged somehow; and trying to fix it only makes things worse.

I think I may have even experienced that feeling a time or two in my life. Kids fool themselves into thinking they can right a faux pas by overcompensating. A mature human being realizes that if you've failed miserably, own up to it. People will be on your side, because who hasn't screwed up?

I suppose it's different in the quest-for-fame game. Hangers-on pat you on the back and say, "You were awesome!" It can't feel too good, though, when you look at yourself in the mirror (which faux-celebrities, I hear, do a lot.)

Somebody, in the last week, managed to make a giant ass of herself. I don't give a flying fig about former Disney "stars". That's hardly my demographic. If I think about it, though, I guess, "like father, like daughter". BRC was kind of a joke, back in 1992. His giant (giant!) hit was dissed by everybody, who secretly turned their radio dials up to ten and bounced around to the song, while bemoaning that it spelled the demise of country music. (It didn't.That would come later.)

But at least that song had some redeeming factors. It had...something....hang on...Okay, well, it had a repeating chorus that everybody could remember. It had a good beat - you could line dance to it (ha HA!) Sure, it was cheesy, but tons of one-hit-wonder songs are cheesy - in fact, MOST of them are.

But this daughter! I don't know WTF she was doing, and apparently, neither did she.She was trying way too hard. And she came off looking like a loser. I almost feel sorry for her - nah - I don't. If she wants fame so bad, she's willing to debase herself, then Mamaw and Daddy must be truly proud.

You can say all you want about Brittney and Madonna and whoever else made spectacles of themselves on the VMA's in past years. At least they kinda, sorta, understood the mechanics of the whole thing. A bewildered post-teen hanging her tongue out like an overheated dog just looked...desperate.

Good luck with that career, though. 

I don't wanna give any more press to the Cyrus family. I think BR should probably give his daughter a timeout - banish her to her room until she realizes the error of her ways. Somehow, though, I think they've got a hand-embroidered sign nailed into the wall above their wringer washing machine that says, "Any publicity is GOOD publicity." Amen, and all that.

Still, this song is catchy. In spite of it all:

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