Saturday, October 12, 2013

Adios Old Friend

Nice (I'm being sarcastic) that this video cuts off before the song has ended, but nevertheless, it's a good song.

As you know, I don't listen to music much (at all). I get my paltry provision of music from the show, "Nashville", because, well, I do watch TV, sometimes.

I used to be a songwriter until I realized that was a loser's game, so I stopped writing songs and started writing novels, and that, my friends, is TRULY a loser's game.

But I can still appreciate a good song, and this is one of those. It was written by Brett Eldredge and Kim Tribble (information, by the by, that is near impossible to suss out. Come on people, let's give credit where credit is due, okay?)

Sure, the TV show Nashville is a soap, and I have always disdained soaps, because they remind me of nineteen eighties big shoulder pads shows that starred Linda Evans and that other chick - the British one - who's name escapes me.

But at least Nashville has MUSIC going for it.

So, I'm good with that.

And this is still a really good song.

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