Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Latest Pet Peeve

Maybe I watch too much cable. The commercials on network TV have to be better (please tell me they're better!)

I am SO sick of Marie Osmond trying to shove Nutrisystem down my throat - and she's not even the worst one!

Have you seen the Nutrisystem ad with the lady who's taken the whole dieting regimen a bit too far, and now she's an anorexic bimbo who pronounces her words strangely? Yea, that one. BAD representative for the weight-loss program. I'll just stay fat, thank you, rather than morphing into any semblance of this lady:

And frankly, she seems a bit too self-possessed, even though she "claims" to have kids. It's all about her going to the pool "with her kids", poor Johnny probably bobbing down in the depths of the deep end, because Mommy is too busy showing off her 80-pound frame to bother rescuing him.

And Marie asking me if I can have macaroni and cheese "with all the butter and calories" - "Absolutely not!" Well, go to hell, Marie. Who the heck are you to talk, anyway? Remember when you were a little butterball, like this? I do.

And let's get real - the company is supplying all your "packaged meals" for free - and you can afford to pay for them your damnself! Meanwhile, I'm eating cottage cheese and lo-fat Triscuit and baby carrots for supper, so don't start telling me about what I can and cannot eat.

Just leave me alone - you - Marie - and that ugly stick of her former self, whatever her name is.

And stay off my TV screen. I'd rather see Fred Thompson trying to talk me into a reverse mortgage. At least he's not telling me how his wife "thinks he's sexy".

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